The Circle Maker Series #8 - Kelsey Nichols Art

The Circle Maker Series #8

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8” x 10” Abstract Acrylic on Canvas 

Framed in white 

Circle Maker Series


This past Easter is one I will never forget. Our friends and families gathered in the grass and had our 2nd annual Easter service led by our friend, Zach. The message was beautiful. Zach told us the story of a man named Honi. He described Honi as man that people didn’t really talk to much. However, Honi was a man who was steadfast in his faith. Honi knew how to be deliberate in his prayers and his relationship with God was strong. A drought came to the city and was devastating the people and their crops. The people came to Honi and asked him to pray. Honi walked into to the field and drew a circle in the dirt. He told God he was going to stand in the circle until his prayers were answered. Honi prayed for rain. At first, the rain was like a mist. So Honi adjusted his prayers. Next, the rain was hurricane like. So Honi adjusted his prayers. God sent exactly the rain the people needed.


Zach led the story to our present time. He spoke about our daughter Annie. {For those of you who don’t know, I am the mother of a TBI survivor. A child nothing short of a miracle. God showed us his presence every step of the way!} He talked about all the people that walked into our circle and prayed. Steadfast, deliberate and constant in their prayers.


We are so grateful for all of those who walked in our circle and never left. After the service this series just felt right. I’m finally ready to share it with y’all.


Who is in your circle? What are you praying for?